Google Account Suspension - Circumventing Systems - Please Help!

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Hi All, 

I'm just wondering if someone can kindly help me, because I'm honestly at a loss as to what or where I've gone wrong. 

I received an email today from Google saying my Ads Accountant has been suspended due to Circumventing Systems. I've read through all of the information on this, and I really don't understand what I've done wrong. I've always listed my brands on each page, written my own product descriptions, and always abided my the suggested pricing set by my suppliers. 

I was using an app called Google Ads by eCommerce, which I have since removed. 

This is a bit of a plea, but if anyone can kindly try and explain this to me and how I can fix this, I would forever be grateful!  

Thank you, 



This is an accepted solution.

According to Google: "One possible reason for a suspension in Google Ads is because of a violation of the Circumventing Systems Policy. ... A circumventing policy violation refers to any action taken by a user with the perceived intention of trying to exploit or undermine Google's system and policies."


They also mention it's impossible to recover your ad account after this violation has been filed.


You might want to try advertising your ads on Google using a third-party app, like AdScale. The good thing about it is that it creates your Google ad account and the relevant advertising assets on its own MCC, so you won't need to handle the headache of getting your ad account up and running nor handling or managing your campaigns.


You can read more about it here.


AdScale is the best way to advertise on Facebook & Google because we use the power of your store data (that they don’t have) to run highly targeted ads and get an average ROAS of 10X.
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Hi Amrit, 

Thank you so much for your help! I heard from Google today and they have reinstated my account, so I'm not touching anything again and am going to look into someone (such as Adscale like you have mentioned) to help me  

With very many thanks for your kind help.