Google Analytics Mobile Opt-Out -> Javascript in rich text editor

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I am aware of this post:

I have done the same setup as shown in the discussion and used the solution provided.

But the following problems occurred:

the Code

<a href="[ga-optout]">foo</a>

changes into

<a href="%5Bga-optout%5D">foo</a>

after I placed it in the HTML code (Online store --> Pages --> "Privacy Policy" --> show HTML) and as soon as I save the changes. If I now visit the website and click the link I get redirected to the "404" error page. Also, the cookie which is supposed to be installed is not.


Is someone able to help me with this?

Thanks a lot!



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The '[' character is url encoded when savong the rich text editor content. I just came across the same issue. In lack of a more elegant solution you can do the following: 

Leave out the square brackets and use another unmistakable identifier like so:

<a href="my-analytics-optout-function">foo</a>

Then wrap the page.content variable on the page template like so:

{{ page.content | replace:'my-analytics-optout-function','javascript:gaOptout()' }}

This works for me.

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