Google Analytics code - how to expunge an old code to prep for new one

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We're looking to properly delete our existing code so we can enter a new one. If you have experience swapping out Google Analytics accounts properly, including deleting the proper scripts in the correct pages prior to entering the new account could please post or let me know where and which exact code needs to be manually expunged?

I'm having difficulty locating the correct folliowing in theme.liquid and also in the cart:

  • ga.js
  • dc.js
  • analytics.js.


Thank you.

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Hey Alexis!

In your store, under Settings > Online Store you have the Google Analytics tracking code that you originally entered under Google Analytics.

You can head to that page and change it at any time, and this will adjust what we communicate to Google Analytics, though it might take a couple of hours to populate the change and adjust.

Usually if you add any coding or script manually, it'll be added to the theme.liquid page so it applies across the theme.

If you change the settings in the Online Store area and that doesn't let you swap everything over in Analytics, let me know here and I can have a member of the Support team take a look. :)