Google Analytics eCommerce Transactions (Missing 30%)

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Hi Everyone,

Let me start by saying thank you for clicking this far thinking "ANOTHER ONE ABOUT BLOODY DISCREPANCIES!" but hold on to your hat for one second.

I completely understand that there will be discrepancies between Shopify and GA, but I'm just looking for some clarification on numbers and averages for most.

It's not the visits/sessions/users that I'm curious about, it's the eCommerce Transaction amounts that I am concerned about. Our tracking is working, but it's missing (pretty consistently) ~30% of our transactions. We generally process ~100 sales a day, and 30% of those do not appear in GA.

When does Shopify pass this data to GA? Is it because in "Additional Scripts" we have a lot of tracking tools, or should the eCommerce data already have passed to GA by that point?

Thanks so much in advance!

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Wow that's a lot.

Do you have a link to the site? (I tried the profile link but it's non-Shopify).

Off the top of my head I wonder...
- Are there any console errors? Maybe a javascript error is interfering
- Is the GA script loading from Shopify's section only? Or is there related code in theme.liquid?

That's where I would start, then I would use the Network tab in Chrome dev tools and compare your site to another Shopify site to see if the analytics response looks any different.


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Thanks, Joe!

I will work on getting permission to share the site, asap!

  1. No console errors, but just to clarify, we're not on Shopify Plus, so the checkout process is all strictly Shopify.
  2. GA scripts load all throughout the sites, but during the checkout process, it's just Shopify.

Good idea on the comparison, I will have a shot.

Do you know about the sequence of code execution? ie. Does it go:

  1. Finish Checkout, push submit
  2. Confirm eComm code to GA
  3. Load "Additional Scripts"
  4. Show Thank you page

Or does 2 and 3 fire at the same time (and therefore the additional scripts could be causing something).

Thanks so much again, I'll come back with more answers asap!

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Hey Josh,


Google's e-Commerce Analytics is kinda broken and it's a persistent complaint by tons of store owners. If you are open to using a Shopify plugin for tracking your e-Commerce data Putler is something you could give a shot.


It is a simple tool all you have to do is connect your e-Commerce shop to Putler and it will pull in data and show you reports. It tracks real time data and shows important key metrics for your store which Google lacks in providing. Putler also provides a live demo, I recommend to give that a look and see if that's the reporting you want. The best thing about this tool is that you can consolidate data from multiple data sources (e-Commerce stores/ payment gateways) in it and view combined as well as individual reports. Worth a try definitely!


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Same issue here!!!

Im missing conversions as well, 

Its kinda weird, because tracking works, Visitors and sessions are very similar between Shpify and GA. but I Keep missing conversions..


as an example..

this is yesterday Shopify showing 2 sales.


This is GA showing just one on Ecommerce tracking


And 1 conversions..


Help me please :D