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I Set up my shopify store earlier this week and I've been doing everything I can to get traffic to the sight including using Google ads and Google analytics. I'm checking my analytics account to see what pages people are going to when they click the link and over half of the traffic I'm getting is being sent to a page that says My store is unavailable. Anyone know if I have something set wrong or how to fix the problem?

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You are seeing that in Google Analytics reports @StepUpToBeauty ? Can you give an example?


Provide the URL you're trying to visit that says your store is unavailable. Also, is your store published to everyone i.e. accessible when you're not logged in?

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Hi There,


While you might have done everything possible, it can be difficult to know that you caught every detail. With that in mind, you should consider double checking your work using a free Store Checkup Tool from the Shopify App store like the one from AdScale. It will report on how ready your site is to advertise and even provide actionable fixes to help further streamline your efforts.


That being said, post a link to your site, maybe there is a missing detail.



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