Google Merchant Account Suspended

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Today morning I had set up my Google Shopping and new account for my website :


I get this " Product data disapproved" in the  Merchant Account 


On my Shopify account, it says "pending approval" for all the products. As I just connected it today. 


I am not sure what the issue is and why is my product data disapproved.


Secondly not sure if this is related but I run multi-region stores. My original store is and my australian store is For these 2 stores the Google Merchant Account is on a different email done by my SEO guy. Now I do not want to give him access to the US store and hence made a separate account and ID for the US website. Can that be  the region? Any SEO experts here who can help me with this?

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Products can be disapproved for many reasons, 1000's in fact. I recommend you go to Google Merchant Center > Products > Diagnostics

Check what the reasons are and resolve them.


For example, maybe you did not setup the tax, or shopping, etc...

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