Google Shopping Columns in CSV

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Hi there,

I exported the products in our store as csv in order to add data for google shopping (category, gender, age group), but after importing the updated csv file, the google shopping fields were still blank within the app. I then had a read over this page which says the following:


"The Google Shopping fields might be used by an app to sync products to the Google Merchant Center. However, Shopify's Google Shopping app doesn't use these metafields. You can ignore fields in the columns that include Google Shopping in their names unless an app tells you to use them."


Does that mean there is no way to add this data via CSV or do I need to be using a different app to do that? I'm curious why those columns exist in the shopify CSV template? I'm not sure how important that data is for google shopping, but would be great to have a way to add data in bulk.




Why not just use the Shopify Google Shopping app to connect with store with your Google Merchant Center account?

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We are having the same issue here. Google shopping fields are not updating on Shopify after importing the csv file.

Hi Duane

I too am having this issue.  I'm planning to use the google shopify app to integrate to Merchant center, but the google meta data needs to be loaded first.
When there are hundreds/thousands of products in the online store, it would be much more productive to be able to update the google metadata fields via csv rather than through the UI.  

Has anyone else found a way to achieve this?  I would think this is a common pain point.

Further information - after doing an export I can see that the import did in fact populate the google metadata fields from csv.  However as the text that the OP states, it appears that Google shopping channel (and most likely the shopify google app that syncs to merchant center) does not use these particular metadata fields, but uses different fields that are not exposed (available) through the Product import/export functionality and can only be entered through the UI.

This would seem to be a major design flaw.  I would be interested in feedback from Shopify as to why there are different metadata fields defined for google.

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Thats really a joke of Shopify. I spent a lot of hours adding all google metafields in the CSV and it does not use those fields after the import!

What a joke.. totally useless

Shopify, please fix this ASAP!