Google checkout on shopify ?

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Google just released a new service: "google checkout", a service for online shopping. Is it possible to insert this service to our shopify-powered shop ?? "Google checkout": => Before you start, you'll need: * The federal tax ID number (or a credit card and an authorized Social Security number) for your business. * A text-only version of your return, cancellation, and shipping policies. * A shopping cart on your business website to accept online orders (unless you're integrating via Buy Now buttons). "SOZ SHOP":
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Dang, U.S. only. Hopefully they open it up asap.

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Yeah, it looks like a useful service, especially if you use AdWords. The API is very clean, as well, so it should be pretty painless to implement into ActiveMerchant (shopify). If I knew Ruby I’d do it, but I don’t :( Hopefully they offer it for other countries soon…

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