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Hi All,


For the last few weeks, I am doing researches on Shopify Multi-Store set up and as you can imagine it's nearly impossible to find the perfect guides on how to achieve this. I've spent several hours with Shopify teams on that and still haven't got the final answer. We have to use multi-currency checkout with CUSTOM EXCHANGE RATES - at the moment you can have multi-currency checkout but there is no way to set up your own rates so the only way we can achieve this is by developing Multi-Store (The same way Gymshark website has been set up) so.. - for UK visitors (GBP) for European visitors (EURO) for US visitors (USD) for Rest of The World (EURO)


Does anyone in here has done this before and could share some feedback on it?

No offense, but I had enough of answers such as 'use apps, open few different stores..' those Shopify team answers is too generic and they just tell us what we already know. If there is an option on Shopify to create Multi-Stores on subdomain why they haven't released any guidelines or 'how to' for this case?! That would be so helpful I believe not only for myself. Multi-currency checkout with own rates and Product Centre are two crucial things that stopping Shopify to leave the competitors far behind.


I would be more than happy if you could share your thoughts/ideas/suggestions. 

The most complicated part seems to be SEO set-up to avoid any 'duplicates' etc issue.

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Hey Milosz,


No ideal answer unfortunately. We've set up a few of these so far. The best option is simply to have separate stores and redirect between them, depending on the customer location. Or you might want to set up a landing page for everyone (we have that working for one of the clients) and then save in a cookie where they're coming from and redirect them there always. 


Apart from that, there's no magical bullet that I know of. 



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