HELP: Clothing Brand (apps and plug in)

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Hello eveybodie, i am from Argentina, so sorry for my english haha..

Let me explain, i want to create a Clothing brand the most complete possible, mainly t-shirts, but also sweatshirts and hoodies, maybe jeans, some shoes, hat and caps, accesories, etc. 

I am using Shopify + Printful, but recently prinftul says me that i have to registrate on an Europe countrie for the VAT Taxes, but i think it will be very difficult to me to do that, so i am searching some app to replace it. 

I am between Printify (i think is the best) and PrintAura. With printful i was good because i want to ship worldwide, the only problem i have is that the often get out of stock some products and now the VAT Taxes. So if you know some app that will adapt good let me know.

The other thing is the Dropshipping app, i have proved Oberlo but the shipping times are bigger than Printful for example, so then i have tryied Spreadr App (to import amazon products) but i think there are better choices.


So, let me make a summary... I want a ¨complete¨ Clothing brand, obviously mainly printed on demand t-shirts or sweatshirts, but also i want some long t-tshirts and sweaters, maybe some jeans and shoes if i can, some accesories,etc.. but this things i will only get with a Dropshipping app i think, so i also need a plug in app for that. I was looking and someones use Importify for amazon and etsy products...


Lot of thanks for everyone and i hope for the answers, THANKS!

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Hello Mid Town,

Many uses OVERSEA dropshipper to send the product to US.  Most customers started see the trend and want shippers from US.  In case of any issues, it's best that you work with US Wholesalers.  
Oversea has it's perks but dealing with US Wholesalers will decrease the headaches and the SHIPPING TIME.

Also, YOU CAN RMA (return the goods for exchange if there are issues)

If you're selling Women's Apparel, 
try or

We are a US Company/Shipper located in Los Angeles California.  Our is price will match or lower than oversea shippers.

We ship to Argentina.