HELP! Find BreadcrumbList Error from Google Structured Data Testing on my shop

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Hi Expert,


check my site on the Google Structured Data Testing Tool, and there is an error regarding BreadcrumbList that I don't understand. 
What is this mean? How to fix this? 
Please help!
- Bon
screenshot.jpgBreadcrumbsList Error from Google Structured Data Testing Tool
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Hey @MBon,


You can refer to this guide if you want to manually add schema markup to all your pages in Shopify and see if the error will remain. You can also try to solve this with an app or contact a Shopify expert to fix the error for you. 


The SmartSEO app for example automatically adds structured data markup to all your pages, including for every product on your collection pages, in JSON-LD format. 


Let me know how it goes or if you need more help!


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Hi Raya,


Thank you for your reply! For sure, this is technique. 


I got the problem fixed by the developer.



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