HELP! Logo's from another shopify store showing on my website in google mobile results.

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So I purchased a new domain name within shopify that was available.

The transaction went through fine, but then I kept getting an error and couldn't connect the domain name to my store. Shopify technical department had to manually connect the domain name to my store. I was already suspicious about this as I've used shopify in the past and never had such an issue after buying a shopify managed domain.

Fast forward couple weeks I launched my site and I was testing how my website appeared in google mobile search results and I discovered that logos from a different shopify store are showing next to my website search results!

What I suspect is that the previous owner of the domain had a shopify store connected to it and it's somehow still associated with it! Google appears to be scraping data from the HTML code of the previous domain owners store which is why I believe the problem lays with shopify.

Google can only pull such data from the HTML code (website) attached to the domain name and as those logos aren't mine google has to be getting them elsewhere! and the only other place it could still be getting them from is the previous domain owners shopify store which is why it must still be associated with what is now my domain name.

Shopify support initially told me just wait until google scraps and indexes your website and it should get updated, but it has only gotten worse! Now instead of just one logo it's now showing two logos that have no association with my website!

Given that most people now conduct google searches on their phones you can understand how damaging it is for my brand when someone else's logos are appearing next to my domain search results in google!