[HELP] Personalized POD products

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I have been wondering if it is possible to create an e-commerce store where I sell personalized products to customers and where the buying process will be as following:


The clients choose the product they want they upload the image to a certain server and pay then I download the image send it to the designer who is going to design it based on my instructions, then he's going to send it back to me so I can email the client and tell him that the design is ready for approval, once the client approves the design, I'm gonna put the design image into the product that the client chose and send it to him through my print on demand supplier.


Please tell me if it is possible to create an e-commerce store like this one, I know that there are ones like this I just want to know no if they have spent thousands of dollars on backend development so they can get this exact buying process.


If you have any thoughts on how I can make it on my own or how I can improve this buying process, or any thoughts 😂 let me know!

Thank You!