[HELP] Tier discount + Discount Coupons

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Hi guys, currently we are facing an issue regarding tier discount apps with Shopify in-built discount codes. The app we are using is Volume Tier by Hulkapps. I have enquired to the app developer and it seems they can't help in any of the ways.

Everything works well, however, Shopify in-built discount codes can't be tracked of usage, which means our customers able to re-use the discount code over and over again.

So we are trying to find an alternative to achieve the promotion features as below. (Preferably is a tiered discount).
For example, tier discount based on products in Collection A...
1 qty - 5%
2+ qty - 10%
4+ qty - 15%
8+ qty - 20%.

Then also allow input of Shopify in-built discount codes at cart page/checkout. However, the code MUST BE trackable of usage. If not, the Shopify in-built discount codes are exploitable to be re-used over and over again.

Please advise if you guys have any idea to solve this.