[HELP] Tier discount + Discount Coupons

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Hi guys, currently we are facing an issue regarding tier discount apps with Shopify in-built discount codes. The app we are using is Volume Tier by Hulkapps. I have enquired to the app developer and it seems they can't help in any of the ways.

Everything works well, however, Shopify in-built discount codes can't be tracked of usage, which means our customers able to re-use the discount code over and over again.

So we are trying to find an alternative to achieve the promotion features as below. (Preferably is a tiered discount).
For example, tier discount based on products in Collection A...
1 qty - 5%
2+ qty - 10%
4+ qty - 15%
8+ qty - 20%.

Then also allow input of Shopify in-built discount codes at cart page/checkout. However, the code MUST BE trackable of usage. If not, the Shopify in-built discount codes are exploitable to be re-used over and over again.

Please advise if you guys have any idea to solve this.

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Hi - I'm sorry I don't have a solution for your issue but I wanted to ask you something about your inquiry because it seems that you might have a solution for a problem I'm experiencing!

So I want to offer our customers volume discounts similar to yours (buy 2-3 get 10% off, but 4 get 20% off) and we've been using an app called Quantity Breaks for this which is great. However, we also run promotions where customers can enter a discount code (using Shopify's built-in discount codes) to receive a free product.


When someone has 2 or more items in their cart and the volume discount is applied, the option to enter a discount code at checkout is gone. 

So - with what you're using, is the customer able to have a volume discount applied AS WELL as enter the discount code at checkout? And your issue is that the codes aren't trackable? Does this mean you can't see how many times the codes have been used, or you just can't limit the code to one use per customer?

Thank you so much!



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Did you ever find a solution to your query? We're looking to use tiered discount + discount codes at the same time.



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App Selly can help you to offer volume discounts:


There is an option to enable discount box in cart, so customers can apply additional discount code together with other Selly automatic discounts.

The one time discount code cannot be re-used.

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Hi, I was looking at some of these options and here is something I'm thinking of doing:


Set up Coupon Codes instead of Automatic.

Coupon codes can be set by a minimum order amount or quantity and you can check the "one per customer" use limit.

Then just before BFCM day, send out a newsletter blast with the Tier Coupons plus other goodies. Have a pop up or header that says "check out BFCM deals" and list the tier coupons and goodies.