Has Shopify gone Dark?

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I've had some minor issues with Shopify but they have been resolved.  But, I've now received an email notice "We wanted to let you know that we’ve taken down one or more products from your store ---------------------. These products were automatically identified as high-demand items related to the coronavirus pandemic, such as face masks or hand sanitizers that might be listed at excessive prices."  I sell kitchen and culinary products and the email gave no indications of the reasoning (except it was automatic - bot?).  Chat did no good and it doesn't appear that Shopify is responding to anyone based on other conversations on this topic.  I don't gouge and I typically don't sell beyond MAP guidelines.  If there are Shopify partners reading these forums, Shopify management needs to get involved. They are failing the customer and may be interfering with a method of free legitimate commerce that is preventing getting COVID related products to the populace.  I tweeted the COO; Harvey Finkelstein (@harveyf) a little while ago to let him know of Shopify's failure.