Have a discount code stack with an automatic Discount?????

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I have waisted way too much time trying to this VERY SIMPLE discount stack.

Yes, I have read all the other people complaining about similar discount stacking.

Yes, I have checked out innumerable Apps to try to do this. I have found not a single ONE that can do this, they are all stacking just automatics OR just codes, not one of each.

I have ONE automatic Discount, and would like customers to be able to use ONE discount code on top of the automatic Discount.

I HATE that I will need to pay for yet another App to do this IF it actually exists.

Any Help?

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Unfortunately, I'm in the same boat as you and haven't been able to find any way to do this either. We worked with a group to build out our site and asked for any app suggestions to do this, but their response was that they didn't have a single app recommendation that they've worked with in the past that did this well.

What I can offer were the alternatives they gave us, which weren't reasonable in our situation. Shopify Scripts, which is only available within Shopify Plus, is supposedly an option, but we were warned that it can be cumbersome and is all coding to manage. We're not using Plus so upgrading to it just for this feature is a ridiculous ask, so this wasn't an option for us. The other option was to develop a private, custom app that uses the Price Rules API within Shopify to handle this, which again comes with more of a cost than was reasonable to us.

I'm following the thread as I'm also interested in any other responses you may get. Coming to Shopify from Magento, the handling of discounts within Shopify was a big disappointment compared to what I was used to within Magento. Hopefully someone else has some other options to share that don't require Shopify Plus or custom development.

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I found a way to do this via an App, "Discounts Combine".


Problem is, it makes a tab on the bottom of our page for coupon code if anything is added to the car, it's a bit intrusive.

I think my issue is a theme issue, it appears that in other themes the tab is shown in the cart, which would be great.

On the linked page they say to contact them if you have:

"***Note: For store that have cart slide/popup instead of a cart page please contact us to make our app work on it."


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Hi There,

You can offer your customers a fixed value, percentage, or shipping discount on products, collections, or variants in your store. If you're selling online, then you can also offer buy X get Y discounts to encourage customers to buy items. Recently , someone suggested this App KARTDISCOUNT which really helped me on this am sharing few features of this app for your reference please check

1)Show Discount Field on Cart Page and Side Drawer.

2)Stack Multiple Discount on Single Order. Example: 1 Automatic Discount + 1 Coupon code discount Example: 5% off on jeans, and 10% off on shoe if customer has both jeans and shoe in cart.

3)Discount Combination: Generate combined discount codes, that will be equal to applying 2 discount codes in stack, just like the above point. However, you can give away only one code in your marketing campaigns. When your customers apply that code, they get 2 benefits same like the above example.

4)Automatic Discount: Add multiple automatic discounts, enabled at the same time unlike Shopify's automatic which allows only 1 automatic discount as a time.