Have you ever driven traffic to your site just to retarget them?

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I have been speaking with my FB ad rep at Facebook. We discussed the strength of retargeting customers. No one questions that. But what surprised me was his suggestion of making blog posts, articles, etc for the sole purpose to retarget. The blog posts of course should be relative to the brand, but may not be about pushing product.

Does anyone have any insight on this technique? I retarget as it is now, but usually this is because someone looked at a product. To retarget because they visited my site and a blog artice seems like it may not be as effective since they did not visit for a product. But I can see the beenfit of getting them to follow the site, fb page, etc my reappearing over and over.


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Hi Jason,

Thanks for posting on the forums!

I have never heard of this , and looked it up online to see what I could find! I actually came across this really good article- The Weird Pixel Funnel Strategy That Works In Any Niche

I also found these apps in the App store- Retargeting on Autopilot (Shoelace), RetargetAppAdRoll For Shopify and AdElement-Dynamic-Retargeting (still in beta!) and it looks like from reading the reviews that merchants are interesting on working on this!

If you are going to use blogs and so on you can actually add Buy buttons to them to show products that you want to promote and sell from the blog, so that may be worth considering too!

I hope this helps!

Warm regards,


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The entire purpose of retargeting is intent. So, if, for example a person came to your blog post you would want to retarget them with a different message than say if they went directly to your site and almost coverted but bailed at the shopping cart page. I would argue that while there may be some value in retargeting people who have read a blog post of yours, they may be more top of funnel then mid or bottom funnel customers at this point.

Here's a pretty good article on retargeting I found online.

Have you heard of using second-party data? This is what we do? Here's a blog post on using second-party data with retargeting and how it is effective. 

With many of your posts about drink recipes you should maybe have more links back to those type of products within your site.

And with this one blog post here - https://islandjay.com/blogs/islander-blog/92534979-20-key-west-photos-that-will-make-you-want-to-be-... - with 1.5K shares, you may want to find ways to add link to product pages or your other posts to drive traffic.

Oh, fyi - you have some broken links in this blog post - https://islandjay.com/blogs/islander-blog/92534659-what-is-a-parrothead

Lastly, we do have an absolutely free analytics tool in the Shopify App Store called Market Insights . It allows you to compare your site's performance to other ecommerce retailers within your same segment.

BTW...my wife and I had our honeymoon in Keylargo so that area of the country is always near and dear to us... All the best!

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Thanks for the tips and broken links. Stuff that happens when you switch platforms.