Having a little trouble with Products Section

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Hi Everyone,


I'm having a bit of trouble arranging my products. I'm trying to categoriez my products so that each item falls into their own category but for some reason all the items become available regardless what product I click on.


For exame: The shirt section will have pants, ties, shoes, etc. The pants section will also include all the items mentioned. I can not filter them out so each item shows the items it's intended to.


I tried searching from previous posts but nothing really explains how to categorize the items. It only demonstrates how to create products.




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Hey Samuel,

The first thing you're going to want to do is read over our Collections Documentation for step by step instructions on how to create collections. Based on what you're describing, it sounds like you might already have automatic collections created, but that their filtering settings aren't set up correctly. 

I would recommend creating new automatic collections based on product tags.

1. You would create a new collection
2. Select "Automatically select products based on conditions" as the conditions.
3. Use "product tag," "is equal to," and then put your given tag in (ie. if it's a pants collections, use the tag "pants"). 

Once this is done, you will only need to tag the products you wish to appear in your new collection with the given tag you've already set up within the collection's settings - in our example, tag all pants products with the tag "pants" and they will appear in the new collection. 

Hope this helps,

Stephen B.
Shopify Guru