Having an upsell/bundle/BOGO deal and having a wheel popup with discount

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Hi There, 

I want to increase email signups, thus I want to offer a popup chance to spin a wheel for discount %'s in exchange for emails. 

However, I also am currently offering a deal where an order is 20% off if they buy 2 or more of that item. 

I'm using the Selly app and have a bundle on the product page (in this case the bundle is 1+1 of the same product) etc. I could change this to a buy one get one free etc.  For the email signups I'm using Justuno.

Basically my requirements are: 

1) The incentive to buy 2 or more should show on the product page (right now i have the selly 1 +1 bundle offer showing)

2) If they only add one to cart, a suggestion to add 2 and get the deal will popup (Selly also has me covered here)

3) The buyer needs to be able to spin the wheel, get their discount, then also apply it at checkout while still allowing the buy atleast 2, get 20% off offer as well. (here is the problem, Selly applies a discount code when the customer adds atleast 2 items, and then the justuno or email discount can no longer be applied)

Right now the problem seems to be that entering any additional discount code (say from justuno) replaces the discount for the 2 or moreitems and they can only use one discount code at once. 

I'm completely open to switching apps or solutions for their the 2 item discount, or the popup discount.  Hopefully there is one of the two that will automatically create the percentage off without applying an actual discount code? 

Any creative ways or suggestions to get around this?  Any help at all would be greatly appreciated as I'm struggling here.

Thanks for your time,