Help! Error message!

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Hi all,

We need your help! Most of customers have been now struggling to place an order which is a big problem for us.

I have contacted Shopify before as a couple of our customers informed us about error message, "This order can’t be shipped to your location. Contact to the store for more information.” Shopify customer service has concluded that it was a human error. There was nothing wrong with our settings.
However, two other customers also experienced the same error message.
Our UK customer
He is our regular customer. He has placed an order twice without any problems before. It was nothing wrong. Only for this time, he was unable to place an order due to the error message. I tried to place an order using his information on my computer and I was successfully able to place an order. So, I have sent him some screenshots as an instruction. He tried to place an order in the exactly same way I did but he was not able to place an order. I sent him an email invoice and he purchased through it. 
Our USA customer
He tried to place an order to USA but he experienced the same as UK customer. It was the first time for us to hear that from a customer from US.
I do not think that our setting is wrong as shopify checked our setting before. 
I do not think that it is something human errors. It seems to be something wrong with that. 
Can anyone helps us?
I have been trying to get some help from shopify but it has been impossible to get some support from them..