Help Going Banana's!! Loads of Traffic 20,748 post engagements for a three day ad, Zero Sales done all the recommended fixes :(

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Hi I've had no training whatsoever in e-commerce and started all of this about 3 weeks ago. I have been trying Free Plus Shipping (FPS) offers and I have had many Likes, comments, shares etc and loads of visitors to my shopify store each day (596 this week), but only 2 sales totalling $11.00 . I've had a number of ad's do very well and one that went almost viral, it was an FPS it had 20,748 post engagements and over 14,000likes on facebook over the period of a couple days. .......I've finally (I think) got my target audience worked out for the most part, I've even lowered my shipping prices from $9.99 to $4.99 and $6.99 respectively. 

The visuals/images are all pretty good, I have run many of them through Photoshop to clean them up afterAliexpress.

I''ve tried to research the items to make sure they were  niche, trending, in demand etc. I've even been speaking to the younger set and got their advice on what was hot and not. For the first couple weeks my net was broader and I had a gajillion hits from Mexico, they went crazy, but not one of them bought. Most of the people are young and coming through on Instagram.  Wondering if Instagram could be the culprit, they have been receiving the lionshare of my advertising, but they leave consumers with nowhere to go. 

Can't wait to hear what you guys think. I love a mystery but this one is becoming very expensive and highly illogical. Thanks again!

Ballooo Facebook page:

Shopify Store:

6674 visitor's on Feb 14, 2 sales

Hopefully some of you see this post

Feb 14 Update: Hello and thank you everyone. I am completely humbled by all of your comments. I unfortunately have two midterm exams this week (Calculus ) tomorrow, so I plan to read and digest what all of you have said by next week, so please don't think I am ignoring you. I've have also received a number of emails and FB messages. Your help is invaluable to me and I appreciate it more than you know. Dealing with Shopify has been a waste of time.  I want to thank the humble soul that bought the Hoodie today, I feel so bad and woould loev to just give you the Aliexpress info.  

As I mentioned earlier, I have no experience in ecommerce and just started the store on a whim to try the Free Plus Shipping model. I hope you all have a good week and look forward to digging in after exams.


Feb 15 Update:

I have a huge exam today, so must make this brief. Yesterday there were 6674 visitor's to the store with no advertising.  Talked to Shopify, they had no clue where they are coming from. Shopify 'guessed' they be even be 'bot's. It's 9am Pacific Standard time and there are 622 visitor's just this morning.

In answer to some of your questions:

- If you check the store, you will see I have taken alot of your advice into action. The Fur is gone

- Im not interested in selling one product . In Canada we have The Bay, US has JC Penney, Australia has Myers and David Jones. A department store. I can't express the joy I felt at looking for wholesale house decor items and Doll Houses!

- images. Some are from Aliexpress, some are not, but I have been making alot of my own as some of the Ali ones are less than pallatable. The lastest ones were for the 

- I find alot of online stores to be sort of garrish,  brash, in your face: sell, sell, sell nightmares. I want the customers to feel special when they come to Ballooo, not raped.

- why is it a free theme? because the other ones cost money (Please note again: I am in school and a parent).

- Thanks for all the constructive criticism and thanks even more for the destructive criticism

- most of the econcerns you have are due to Shopify and it's lack of support and extremely limited  platform on the Free theme. As I  said before, I know a paid theme could probably solve alot of the issues and believe me, when I have the budget to do that I will and fast.

 ie:my Collections have to have the alphabet in front of each one so that I can choose the order they are presented in. You can choose Product order, but not Collection order....Go figure. I won't digress in to fonts, background colorf, images etc etc etc etc etc lol

-  ***a couple days ago I noticed that people were able to order ALL of my Free Plus Shipping (FPS) items and pay shipping for only one. At the same time I noticed that my FPS items were now publically viewable. Their invisible Collection settings were the same, but now everyone could see and search them I spent hours trying to fix the shipping as I had it working before, but Shopify has changed something, so all the previous workarounds are now. I did tell them that we need to be appraised of such large changes prior to their onset.

- I asked Shopify to help with other issues as well: Contact Us button, or section, Returns etc. 

Please realize many of these issues are due to the extremely limited capacity of the Shopify store. 

I have to go study. 

Have a good Day and thanks again.

attached beneath are a screenshot of the FEb 14 Visitor Tally and two of my custom ad images. 

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Hey Baloosey,

Looks like you've done a ton of work to build out this new site and are testing out some different things to see what works and what doesn't. Love it! I found your 14k need to keep testing what products get that kind of reaction.

I've got a question for you...are you just trying to make some sales or are you trying to build a brand? Cause that'll determine what you do next. 

In the meantime, here are a couple of thoughts:

  1. Do a give-away. Use Rafflecopter (or similar) and try to get people to subscribe to an email list. Take the money you are spending on ads and give away something like the pussy cat ring, which costs you $0.97. Shipping that in an evelop would cost less than $4.99
  2. Shipping could still be an issue. That cat ring cost $6.99 to send to Portland, Oregon, USA. The ring probably costs less than that.
  3. To test out products by doing a countdown. Ask people to be notified when it arrives and use that to start guaging interest. Frame it as, "should we carry this? If so, {take some action like be notified through email, share this post, etc.}."
  4. Use FOMO - fear of missing out. Limit the time frame products will be available to increase urgency. "Product is discontinued at mid-night tonight!" Then offer a discount. 
  5. Clean up your homepage and clarify your message:
  6. Upsell in your checkout.
  7. Instead of spending money on ads, connect with the people you've been researching with, find those that are active on social, and give them free products in exchange for picctures of them wearing the products along with a link.
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Easy fix! Its the need to purchase a theme built for conversions based on the type of product you have. Its three things people are wanting to know: What is the product/site, is it quality, and does it work for them. Then they need satisfaction if something goes wrong. Use this theme and watch what happens.


Thank me later

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Thanks Steven so much for taking the time to reply,

Unfortunately, I've gone way over budget because Shopify has so many hidden costs, plus with advertising there is no way I can afford to upgrade in any way. .......I have had a number of people test the system, from online shoppers to novices, from some who felt the item were a passion product, to those who did not and they still easily navigated their way through to check out. I've been reading about people using 'countdown' apps and other gimmicks to get people to buy, but it really goes against my integrity and values. Things improved once I changed the color of the Add to Cart button. It's very important to me to not have 'sale' signs etc around the store as it goes aganinst the feel Im going for. 


Today is a classic example. Its 4:42pm and so far my product has received over 7000 likes on Instagram and I have had 55 Shopify visitors. No sales. I'm starting to wonder about Instagram. When  person see's something they like on there, they hit a dead wall. What would have happened if those 7000 people had been able to click on the product and have it bring them straight to it's Shopify landing page...........Have others had this issue?


I can see one thing that I have failed to do, although  am not sure how this would affect sales,I have only run each campaign for a couple hours, a most one day. I have not let one run for a few days, not sure if this could affect it. I rationalized that if peopl lke something on day one, that they will also buy it on the this a possible cause?

I am starting to wonder if it is possible to make money at this and maybe I just got lured in by all these webinar guru's who claim if you take their training, you too can make 'X' number of thousands or millions of dollars.

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Hey Baloosey,

Sorry to hear you got lured by webinar gurus. There's a lot of talk out there, but the reality is that this is a long-term game. There is NO overnight success. Zero. If you're looking to make thousands or millions of dollars, you gotta put in the hard work.

Another thing to keep in mind. "Likes" do not equal "sales." Likes are a good indicator that you are on the right track (i.e. if you've got a product that people are interested in), but if they aren't making it to your site, then your offer isn't intriguing enough.

If those that make it to your site don't buy, then they don't see the value (i.e. the value prop isn't good enough, the price or shipping isn't right, etc.).

Of those 7,000 likes on Instagram, are you able to see how many saw it?

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HI Bob, good points. 

Do you know what percentage of people who like an item actually end up buying it? There are probably some stats on that some where. With Instagram and Facebook, when a person likes an item they hit the Like or Heart. If they only had a Shop Now button that connected them staight to the website, maybe that would be better. Instagram calims to have a Promote option, I tried many times to set it up today and it glitched out before processin the order ha ha ha  whats next.....I still think out of 7K people in one day that took the time to press Like, there must be a certain % of them that like it enough to buy especially when I am outwardly advertising that the shipping is under $4 for their Free Item. How do we get all the Instagram Likers to the website, there is a disconnect there. Whats the point of advertising on Instergram if we can't recoupe funds.

I'm hoping that by letting the ad run for a number of days that changes occur.


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I've never seen anything on the metrics for likes that convert to sales, but that would interesting to see the data.

I think it's important to consider the value of each platform and what it offers. It sounds like you treating FB and Instagram as a way to generate sales. But people aren't on FB and Instagram to buy things. The intent is to connect with friends, post stuff, and see what their friends are up to.

Marketing ruins all of that of course by advertising. And FB and Instagram see money in it too, so they sell ads. But the key point here is that neither of those platforms should be used by marketers to "sell." They should be used to build brand and connect with people who "like" what you offer. Liking does not = sales. Liking = "I think that's cool."

It's tough to say "If I were you" because I'm not you. I don't know what kind of work and effort you are able and willing to put into this. But...if I owned your store and found that ads weren't working, I'd back way off the advertising and starting using those platforms to build a brand, connect with people that like my stuff, and entertain them, make them laugh, and then through out a sales post. 

I'd also create tons of content around the products you are selling on my blog - fashion advice or anything that your target audience would enjoy reading. 

There is a post that I wrote last night here, but currently the Shopify forum flagged a bunch of my posts, so check it when they get that fixed as there were a couple of ideas on finding what resonates with your audience. 


I'd love to hear if the ads you let run longer worked for you and which ideas, if any, helped you out.


Build & grow an ecommerce business that will help you reach your goals with my no bull, no hype, no pitch mini-guide:
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Good News: Via FB Ads Manager Power EDitor, I was able to crate a 'shop now' conversion ad that when pressed taes people straight to the products landing page, so if anyone on instagram wants, they can now click through to the product at the store.

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Hi Bob, 

I hear you 100% and have even put some sily viral video's up tp entertain people that like the page on facebook. Its got to be a good experience, I get targeted marketed on facebook all the time now and it's just annoying. 

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Do you share your site pins on Pinterest. I actually had a visitor from pinterest on my website who bought the product. Also pinterst has 'buy now' button so people can shop right from there. 

Another thing if you aren't already doing it is, in addition to advertising on instagram get in touch with a influencer or a fashion blogger. Someone who has a large number of followers. Get them to try your product and review it on their instagram/blog. This will help you to reach the target audience you are looking for and the audience will have a testimony of your products. good luck!