Help Going Banana's!! Loads of Traffic 20,748 post engagements for a three day ad, Zero Sales done all the recommended fixes :(

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Thanks Robyn

Yes, Equine Tshirts is the name of my store.

I'm using a free theme (the simple theme) so my options are limited in terms of making it colorful. I could not find how to do that in the customize theme. But I have made the background white and made the text a more navy blue color, rather than the old-fashioned black. I also changed the font in certain places.

I would like to dazzle up my site with some fancy themes but unfortunately, those are all paid themes.

I am not a photographer or artist myself. I've been contacting and started some contracts with some photographers and artists to add their designs to my store. I'm also in contact with another artist who specializes in patriotic horse art and as soon as she receives my payment she will grant me permission to add her art to my store. I was in contact with another horse artist who had fantastic designs, unfortunately, he declined. I also put some ads on Fiverr for horse artists and designers to find more selections and hopefully increase buyers.

I have refrained from advertising until I expand my design selection and make the necessary changes to my site, going by the advice you mentioned in terms of adding more to the "about me" page.



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Hello, If you are advertising that much with no sales, the first thing to do is STOP ADVERTISING! You will burn through whatever money you don't have.

1) Starting a business with no training is a 100% fast track to failure.
2) I would recommend getting those celebrities off of your site, no pictures, no names. You are headed for a lawsuit.
3) Your home page is nice, but none of the products are clickable. What good is a product on the home page, if I cant click it and buy it.

There is a ton of free information out there on how to go about this. I think you should spend about a week researching and then go from there. You need a strategy. You need to know how to convert a visitor. You need some kind of budget and expectations for ROI.

Back in the old days you could get sales with almost any site...those days are gone. It actually takes a bit of work now.

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Hi Baloosey,

Please take my comments as "constructive" critisism.  Here are some quick things I've picked up from your site (after a very fast look).

- Site needs a new theme, currently it looks rushed and unpolished
- Rebuild the header with a logo that integrates nicely and seamlessly
- create an about us page and clean up the home page
- hide any URLs in links so we don't see tinyurl links
- No clear shipping policies and return conditions are a little "rough", thus certainly deterring potential buyers
- sizing cart is not clear, needs to be zoomed in to be seen properly and gives away that your products are just being resold from China
- product name are too long and images all need to be the same size
- variants are not named properly (color1, color2, etc) and don't all have the proper images assigned to them
- get a real domain name
- website should be complete, seeing things like "TEXT COLUMNS WITH IMAGES" will scare off most buyer
- your blag does not relate to your store, and is filled with gammical errors.

Feel free to contact us if you need help, and we wish you the best of luck!

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I've been running a fashion website for 8 years now. And let me tell you it's tough.

Your website looks good and actually better than mine, however there are not enough products for customers to buy.

My website really only focuses on female dresses, but I do sell some other stock.  From looking at your site I'm confused about what you are selling. Focus on one area to start off with, for example female dresses and build it up.

Hope this helps.

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   OK.. so you decided to do this on a whim, and threw together a website (and it looks like it), the question is, is it something you want to do? Is it a passion for you? Is it something you enjoy? Or did you just read somewhere that common markup in retail can be anywhere from 100-100% of purchase price and think easy money? If so, do yourself, and any potential customers you might have a favor and fold it now, and think the money spent on it as the cost of education.

   As much as the get rich quick people might want to make you believe it's easy, that you can sit at home, and just watch the money roll in, it usually doesn't work that way. As most of the people have shown you, they have been at it for months, or years, and as far as I can tell, none of them have been able to retire. So, decide, is it something you want to commit time to every day, and as much as you can on week-ends or such? Or do you want to go have a life? I will tell you that owning a couple of retail stores and starting on the e-commerce ride in the early 90's has rarely made me as much income as working in a corporate setting. However, I rarely have as much fun in corporate jobs as I do working for myself. I opened my first store at 16 (fixing and selling clocks). At that point my advertising budget was $45.00 a month and word of mouth. The same can still be done now. But it takes time, and reading as much as you can about how to drive traffic, SEO, and all that other stuff that you see covered all over the place (and that I wil admit, I'm just learning about this time around. If you think that you can stop learning once you graduate, dont, if you aren't learning something new everyday, you might as well not be living)  As you have seen from others posts, it's a matter of trust. Can you reach through the computer and get them to trust you with their money? Can they depend upon you to deliver what they want? Do they trust that the items will live up to their expectations? That it will be delivered in a timely fashion? This is what you need to concentrate on. IF YOU came across your site randomly, would you give them money, and be happy waiting a couple days to get your merchandise? Oh.. what's that? It might take 20 - 60 days to get what they ordered? Did you tell them that? To me, the current order is nice, but that's not the money I want. (I mean, sure, I like that money very much), but the money I really want is the money they are going to give me next week, or next month, or next year, I want their mother's money, their sister's money, their best friends money. I want them so happy that they will tell everyone they know about what a great deal they got on this wonderful new piece of whatever it is I'm selling. You have to give them a reason why they need to buy from you. And it doesn't sound like you know what that reason is yet. I thought it would be interesting to test this shipping plus model and see what happens. Well, you saw what happens. Why would I want to pay shipping for some worthless piece of trash. (it's litterally worthless since you aren't charging anything for it.) etc... Sometime it's easier to sell something more expensive than it is to sell something at a fair price. But I like selling at a lower price since I can, and delighting my customers with the quality that they aren't expecting. As has been pointed out, a quick right click can find your stuff on aliexpress for .64 with free shipping. So why are you charging $4.99?
Answer that question, answer it in your blog, answer it in your About Us section, Answer it on Facebook, shout it from the rooftops. Facebook is like the local coffee shop. Chat with people, engage with them, and mention, oh, by the way, look here if you want. I do get sales from Facebook, but also a lot from cold searches as well. As far as I can tell, while when activity is up on FB I might get a few more sales, but I can set loose a meme that has 100K views, 4-5K likes or more, and not see any correlation with anywhere near that big of a jump in sales.(one that looks like it's getting traction I might throw a dollar or day at it to give it a boost. I try to keep my cost per action at .0001 to .0005, if I see it costing more than that after 4 hours, I stop the ad) You can get by with spening $1-$2 a day, no need to spend more. (yeah, I wish I had realized that in the begining) Notice I say meme.. they work a lot better than most merchandise posts, although I use bots to post merchandise ever few hours, and mix it in with quotes and other stuff every few hours. The other memes for large traffic I post once or twice a day as it hits me. Make your FB interesting. Give them a reason to come back, again and again, and again, or at least keep you in their feeds. But all it really does is build brand awareness (which also builds trust). However, I don't see in this day and age as it being viable not to have an FB presence. Just don't depend on it to drive all of your sales. Like (in the old days) it took TV, Radio, and Newpaper to drive traffic, the same thing is true today. You need many channels, each supporting each other. Each social network should point to your brand in a consistent manner. (this is the core of branding) So that if they see your item, or your ad, or your post on any social network, they know it's yours. 

So anyway, decide on what you want to do, and go for it, or chalk it up to a learning experience 

Good Luck,


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I'm going to put it out there.  Your website just sucks.  It's hard to navigate.  Everything about it shouts an 8 year old or younger designed it.  Granted.  I've been programming websites for the last 15 years but on Shopify, I'm stuck with their FREE themes because I'm bootstrapping which I have to work around.  Nevertheless, if a site is hard to navigate, looks cheap, or doesn't have pictures of people actually wearing/using the items you're selling, it'd be hard for me to trust you.  I mean real images from around town (your town) from real people (not models).  Not images from AliExpress.  How do I know you're not out to steal my credit card info on your forms or through your links?  There's no privacy policy or terms of use which will explain what you do with my personal information.  The homepage should be cleaned up and organized.  Most ecommerce sites will put the "About Us", "Contact Info", "Shipping and Delivery" and other similar information on separate linked pages.

Next.  You mention that you use the images from AliExpress.  Are you dropshipping from them or do you hold inventory?  If you're dropshipping from them and haven't received any samples yourself, how can one trust that your customers are going to get what is shown in the picture?  It's screaming "SCAM".

Your return policy is a joke.  How can someone trust you if you write "An item you claim is not as described, but Ballooo can prove that it is."  Seriously?!?!  This confirms what I wrote in the second paragraph where you don't even know what you're delivering. You're essentially saying don't try to return it because we're going to argue with you every step of the way.

If I were you, I would find someone to help you redesign the site and I would buy some of the items I'm selling to test them out.

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I had a developed custom code a number of things on the site including product recommendations. Its a good option to upsell your products. I don't believe in paying monthly for plugins.

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Aliexpress... Thats the main issue I will tell you. Too many! (and I mean it) websites are selling from aliexpress, by the first impression without even ready the forum i noticed you are selling from aliexpress.


Customers too! they already getting to know all these suff are sold on aliexpress, cheaper and with free shipping! the word of mouth is also that way "hey dont but here, it is sold like 2$ on aliexpress (or wish) "

Unless you sell something unique, you are going into a very high competition between aliexpress dropshippers and aliexpress itself. You will have to pay a lot of money to gain customers so you have to increase your rates way higher to cover your ads. AND you are not building any brand that way not customer loyalty.


Also your website is huge you sell everything! Why would i buy anything here which I do not see any difference than amazon or aliexpress or wish or ... ?


focus on a specific product catagory and at the same time a speific product range which is unique.


I can run a cheap add on FB and target all countries and all people and get loads of likes and shares, but that does not make sense as it does not make any sales!


You need to start from scratch and see what do you want to sell, who would be interested in it, and who would buy it and why. Just copy paste products from somewhere especially aliexpress, does not work!

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Hi Baloosey, looks like you have already had some pretty good replies so far, and to be honest i have not read each and everyone so this might have already been said, but here goes any way.

The site looks nice, the product images are pretty good and the descriptions show quite a lot of detail, but there there are  a few simple things you might want to think about...

If you are getting a lot of traffic, and a lot of likes but these are not converting to sales, what are the possible barriers to sales, and how can you remove them...

You are based in canada, but your sizing is Asian would it be better to give US/Canada sizing on the site and enclose a leaftlet explaining the sizing translation to asian with the product.

Its great that you have a returns policy on the site but do you really what it publish it on the home page or could you simply have a link to the policy in the footer, to make it easily available without it being in your face.

The product descriptions certainly for the clothes are more like lists of produce specifications, if you went into a shop to buy a t-shirt and a sales person spouted of a detailed list of atributes would it make you want to buy the t-shirt or would you be more likely to purchase the t if the sales person told you in a few sentances that this charming t-shirt is very popular with the bearded wearers of all ages, that it is the perfect combination of stylishness and wit guaranteed to turn heads and start conversations. or that it is made of 100% cotton and will suit anyone whether they have a bit of stubble or a beard or wizarding proportions.

I'd possibly take a look at where you place various graphics for example on the product pages you show colourful graphics for a range of payment options including paypal, apple apy, visa etc, but when you add the product to the cart, those options becomes less clear, and you only seem to offer checkout or checkout with paypal the previously colourful graphic is now grey scale and pushed right down to the bottom of the page, and there are no indicators of shipping options.

I would certainly be thinging about having a free delivery on all domestic sales over $x here to maximize conversions.


If you look at the shopify amdin home page on the left hand side you should see a 'Conversion funnel' this shows the number of people (and % of people) that add to cart, reach checkout and purchase. This should give you an idea of how well you are converting visits/likes to sales and where in the conversion process you are loosing people, this will give you an idea of where you need to improve your performance.

The stats will vary depending on what your products and seasonal variations but as a rough rule our site has an add to cart of 4-12% and a purchase of 2-6% 

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Benjamin Lung said this above and I have to agree -

Your return policy is a joke.  How can someone trust you if you write "An item you claim is not as described, but Ballooo can prove that it is."  Seriously?!?!  You're essentially saying don't try to return it because we're going to argue with you every step of the way.

If you are selling new merchandise (especially in the fashion industry) you have to be prepared for items that customers need to return for any number of reasons - it's faulty, doesn't fit, it was a gift someone didn't like,  etc etc.

Plus most Western countries give buyers the right to change their minds. In some countries it's called Buyer's Remorse and in others A Cooling Off Period. You need to check your Canadian Consumer Laws or you could be in trouble.

I give twice the legal return period allowed where I live, because I want to keep happy customers and have them completely confident to shop with us - and it wouldn't matter if I was selling $5 pairs of socks or $50,000 diamond rings..

There's an old business saying that I like to follow -

"It can take years to get a customer - but only a second to lose them"

If you have fights with customers over returns they will never come back and they will also tell everyone they can to never shop with you.

Just a bit more food for thought.....


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