Help! I cant reset my admin account

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Help! do they have a phone number to help speed stuff along?

I bought a new computer and let them keep my old one, they didn't move my keychain passwords over for admin email. I can no longer access my admin email to get the 6 number code, I have a customer and help email that It won't let me change the password with. I cant access anything or take orders or fulfill them.. why cant I use my phone number to reset it? I can access my Admin account on my phone app but when I try to change the email to use another I have to enter the 6 number code, which I cant access because I no longer have the computer the email account was saved on. I can prove my debit card number and everything. even the emails for the customer and help. Why can't you have a phone number?? I pay over $300 a year for there service and I cant call and get it resolved faster? 

I cant change my password, and there's no way else is there? I worked so hard on that store, is it gone forever?