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Hey Vitalij!

If you're looking to increase conversions, I'd recommend using Savy. Check it out here:

Savy converts window shoppers into email leads and paying customers by providing crucial willingness to pay data about your products. I'd liken Savy to a glorified wishlist button, but instead of simply entering an email, window shoppers also get to enter a price they're willing to pay for items they're interested in; we email them if their item hits their price. We've seen that if a window shopper's price point is met, there's a 90% chance that they'll buy!

Also, we recently introduced our Savy Partner Program. If we really love your store and see that you're an active user of the Savy app, we'll invite you to join! Perks include ongoing social media features for your products, store profiles on our blog & access to hundreds of Savy users.

Oh also, the Savy app is completely free! Feel free to shoot any questions my way :)

Good luck!


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Also add abandonment protector app. It really helps. 

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