Help! Not able to post the URL of my website!

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I am a Shopify partner and have been a regular contributer to this amazing forum and community. 

There's a problem I have been facing and would really appreciate help and support from Shopify community. Whenever I try to post the URL of my website (getincentdotcom) or website blog in a comment or a post, many time to refer people to blog posts we write, it seems the post / comment gets automatically rejected by the internal system of Shopify and is simply not visible. I am sure security is something of paramount importance for Shopify to prevent spamming and other fishy activities but it is not clear to me if there is any norm that our website fails to comply with or if there is something else that is an issue. Due to this, I am forced to reroute the traffic by hosting our blog on Medium (the Medium URL is not rejected) which has served us well but of course this is not an ideal solution over the long term. 

I would really appreciate if people from Shopify and from this community can help us in this regard.



Sumit D

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Hey Sumit,

I'll make the forum crew aware of your troubles assuming you've not made a support ticket already.

If you're posting the same sort of content (such as the same url every time you post) that probably doesn't help. I make no claim to understand the inner workings of the spam bot however - sometimes it eats my posts as well ;)

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Hey Sumit!

I'm Alex, the Community Advocate.

Our spam filter detects words and parts of words and uses that to determine whether or not a user should be banned. This usually happens after two posts are made, both containing a word that the filter finds objectionable.

Without having seen your case before, probably what's happening is the filter is choosing to ban a segment of a word that it finds objectionable (so imagine banning any link that contains http, because http is on the banned terms list).

The next time this happens, and I hope there isn't a next time, if you could email me directly at, that would be great. Our system now should throw a flag to show what term was used that caused the ban, so we can adjust our filter accordingly if it's something that doesn't make sense.

Hope that's an okay answer!

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