Help! Price not Showing Once Product Clicked on

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Hello, for anyone to have any advide would be much appreciated. The price of the product shows up everywhere on the site but when you click on a product the price is usually under the name on the rigth side of the screen but its not there. I looked through my code and it has the correct code needed to display the price. If anyone has any tips or reasons how to get the price back would be great! Using debut theme


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Channon, looks like you're not outputting price on the product page. You should inspect your product-price.liquid  snippet to find out why it does not output price on product page.

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Hi, Channon!

This is May from Shopify.

Tim has the right idea about checking your ‘product-price.liquid’ file. Generally, this would most likely be caused by some bad code found within your theme, however, it's hard to tell without directly looking at your account. Did you recently make any changes to your code? If so, you can roll back to an older version of your theme or to the original version. If you are still having this issue, please let me know. Since Debut is a theme made and supported by Shopify, I can loop in our theme support team to take a look into this. Alternatively, you can reach out to our Shopify Experts as well.

Looking forward to hear back from you, Channon. If you have other questions about your theme, feel free to reply back to this thread or contact our 24/7 support!

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I am Having this exact same problem. Theme I am using is supply. How to fix the problem