Help! Shopify Email Confirmation sent to customers on Order Summary Completely Incorrect

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I have a problem with my Shopify site and urgently need some help. Apparently, the Order Confirmation Email sent to my customers did not reflect the orders captured in the system, i.e. the email confirmation customers received after payment is different from what they see in the cart's order summary. 

I am using an app called Advanced Product Options to display multiple options for my SuperTees (tshirt collection), for customers to select multiple variants like Colour and Size.

Products are reflected correctly all the way to the shopping Cart and checkout page. However, the email summary sent to customers are completely wrong!

Please see screenshots below for example:

Customer Ordered XL Pearl White and XL Space Black. (System should NOT be displaying XS Space Black for both items):

Customer's Order -- (XS Space Black should NOT be reflected in order summary too)Customer's Order -- (XS Space Black should NOT be reflected in order summary too)


Email Sent to client is completely WRONG. Both are reflecting the first items in the options dropdown menu, instead of the actual variants selected by the customer:

WRONG options sent to customers' emailWRONG options sent to customers' email

Can a Shopify engineer help resolve this asap please? I'm using the default Debut theme!