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Hi everybody. Help me please - what do you think? I had a request which accompanied high hazard - I expect the reason for its enormous sum and says the location and IP address are 4 miles separated. per guidelines, I messaged client and requested to confirm the request and afterwards requested a duplicate of licenses and duplicate of the two sides of a charge card. which she did - she messaged me the entirety of the data. is it safe? just thing concerns me - I googled address for shipment and who lives at that address - it is anything but an individual who requested it. Do I trouble her again and inquire as to why would that be (3d email) or cause she sent me all mentioned data - I satisfy her request? much obliged to you

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Hey, @skzai!


Lulu here from the Shopify Support team. Thanks for reaching out here, and I'll be more than happy to help you out.


Thanks for reaching out to us regarding your high-risk order. Shopify's risk analysis algorithms look at a combination of an order's characteristics, as well as customer history. The algorithms determine whether the order's characteristics match patterns identified from the millions of past legitimate or fraudulent orders seen across Shopify's platform.

The decision is ultimately up to you whether you fulfil the order or not. Do you feel comfortable fulfilling the order? I know you have reached out to the customer who responded which is a great sign but perhaps you could ask why it could have been flagged? This fraud prevention guide has some excellent tips on dealing with fraudulent orders. I would recommend having a good read of it.


I would also always recommend downloading the Fraud Filter app which provides an additional layer of security on your store. You can also block certain customers from placing orders if you wish with that app.


At the end of the day if you don't feel comfortable fulfilling the order then I wouldn't advise it. High-risk orders can result in chargebacks which can cost you a lot of money in the long run. (Read more about chargebacks here.)


I hope that helps but if you have any other questions, please let me know! -Lulu

Lulu | Social Care @ Shopify
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Hello!  I'm experiencing a fraud alert that indicates: "Billing address ZIP or postal code isn't available to match with credit card's registered address."  However the customer did provide a billing address...the box was clicked for 'billing address is same as shipping.'  Therefore, I want to verify the billing address with the credit card manually.  When I used to use as my cc processor, I could call and verify through them.  But now with Shopify Payments, I can't find any way to call and request verification of billing address.  Help!