Help me out on Shopify payment issues !

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I built a shopify store months ago but run into BIG issues on Payment method . 


Since i 'm outside of US ,  Currently i only have Paypal business account for my store ,  Without Credit Card payment ,  This probably affect Conversion a lot ,  I run Facebook ads for 1 weeks but no Orders ,   Guess probably it has something to do with my Payment method issue - Lack of Credit card payment . 


But for Shop pay (  Shopify company 's own payment provider ) ,  It requires Real bank account ,  It's so..difficult for us non-US citizens to open a US bank account ,  So basically shop pay is impossible to apply for .


Stripe payment requires US LLC Company ,  I do can register a US company ,  But having been read Many reviews on stripe payment ,  Getting so disppointed with their service ,  No phone / email offers for customer support ,  Chargeback issues / account limits many issues ...   Makes me feel uncomfortable with stripe and decide to give up 


Now ,  I have some questions wondering if anyone can answer or help me out ??


1 :   IF i ONLY have Paypal business account for my store ,  How much percentage rate will the Conversion be affected ?


2 :   Anyone who can help me or indicate me how to install Paypal smart payment button ???       I learned it is a method to let customers pay via Credit card with Paypal as gateway .    But some people pointed out i need to upgrade to shopify Plus ( Costs $2000 / month ) then will have the qualification to make Paypal smart payment button . 


Thank you !!!