Help setting up a new product with variants made up of existing products

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We have recently set up a new online shop and things are going very well! 

We run our product and inventory via a Shopify App that connects Shopify to our inhouse stock management systems EposNow. The master system is EposNow, in which we select which products from our range are to be sold on the site. Once selected, the product is sent to Shopify. This connection manages the sale price and inventory levels bases on the SKU attribute.

This means that when setting up products on Shopify it first sends the information over from EposNow. So in the case of products that come in sizes we get individual products set up in Shopify each with their own SKU. This was not a problem to start with as the client was mainly eager to get the site up an running.

However, my client has now decided that they would like to sell certain products under variants, such as a rug that comes in three sizes. 

So here is my question:

If I already have a particular item set up as 3 individual products on Shopify, what do I need to do so that I can display them as one item on the site and have the 3 existing items as its variants. it is important as well that the variants use the existing products SKU's and that their RRP and inventory levels are still managed by the above mentioned API.


I have tried setting this up manually however I am not sure if when i create the variants, the products are linked up correctly just by typing an existing SKU number. 

Any help or ideas would be appreciated.