Help with Chargeback - Why Am I Being Penalized?

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I am hoping someone can help me with a chargeback.

I received three orders in a row (my FIRST actual order  + two more) from the same customer. I received a notification that they were high risk for fraud, so I did not fulfill the order but instead tried to contact the customer numerous times. I sent emails and left messages on the phone number provided.) I attempted to contact Shopify for assistance, and I cannot find a way to do so. Absolutely no help whatsoever. Their website appears to be an endless circle that gets you to the point where you think you can send an email, or contact a person for assistance, and then it sends you right back to the beginning.

I am being charged an extra $15 (for a total of $45) because someone else committed a crime. I have zero problem returning the money if it was fraudulent, but I have a big problem with the bank being allowed to charge ME $15 for each transaction because someone else broke the law. 

I have an even bigger problem, though, with no one from Shopify being around to help answer simple questions.

Does anyone have any thoughts or advice?

Thank you, Jason

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Hi @JesusFishClothi 

Sorry to hear that you experienced a chargeback from your previous orders.

I think it's great you tried to contact the customer, but did you cancel the order after you attempted to reach out and heard nothing? It's always best to cancel the order as soon as possible if you suspect the order is a fraud as it can lead to unnecessary chargeback by the account holder.

The extra chargeback fee usually passed on to the merchants and is only charged if you lose the case. I know it sucks, but this is part of operating an eCommerce site. It's always best to try to fight the case if you can or cancel any orders that look like a fraud as soon as possible. Although it's often quite rare, winning a chargeback case will usually result in your money being returned to you and you will not be charged a fee.

Does this answer help you?


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