Help with... only showing a message if product is tagged with 'XYZ'

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Hi everyone! 


I'm currently using the Impulse theme. I'm new to coding and learning as I go along. 


Half of the stock on my website is pre-owned and half is brand new. To allow the customer to know which is which, so I've added the html/css to the product description for this, which is shown on the screenshot i've uploaded with the tooltip next to either 'brand new' or 'pre-owned'.


What I want to do instead is have this message show automatically when a product is tagged with either 'pre-owned' or 'brand new' and for the message to show above the size variant selector instead of underneath the payment options.


here is a link to my website



Screenshot 2020-05-17 at 08.44.31.png




I've not found a way to do this online.