Help with shipping settings for new store with unique shipping situation

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Hi everyone, 

I have had shopify for 5 years where I grew an online petfood company and sold it 2 years back. I'm now living in a different country and starting a new shopify business. I have quite a unique situation that I would like some advice on. Here's how my new store will work:


Affiliates in on country are sending buyers (typically in another country) to my shopify store. I trace with an affiliate app so I know who is being referred in to buy.

When the buyers purchase products they are actually gifts for the person that referred them in. The purchaser does not actually know the address of the receiver, I do because the affiliate app requires the information.

Shipping is free over $50 and $4.99 flat rate under $50.


How best should I set this up?  In shopify I have an office in USA and a warehouse in another coutnry where the products are being delivered. Should I set it up as pickup at location in the country that is being delivered in? That way the purchasers won't be confused by entering a shipping address they do not know? The only issue I for see is you cannot charge for pickup. Thanks for any advice!