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Hi there,

I want to know the tag to hide a button in Debut Theme.

Ex: I want to hide the "add to cart" button on product page.

Thanks in advance.



Add this css at bottom of
Online Store-> Themes -> Edit code->Assets->theme.scss.liquid

.product-form__cart-submit {
    display: none!important;

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Thank you! It worked.

I have another question.

Lets say I have an extra "add to cart" button. I want one button to be visible when a selected variant is in stock, while the second button is invisible. And vice versa. If the selected variant is out of stock, the second button is visible which can say "coming soon" while the first "add to cart" button becomes invisible.

I know an "If, else" command may be needed.

Ex: product A has four variants, one in stock, the other three are out of stock. If customer selects in stock variant, the first button "add to cart" is visible, while the second button is invisible.

If Customer selects one of the out of stock variant, the second button "coming soon" is visible, and the first button "add to cart" is invisible.

How can I accomplish this?

Thanks in advance!