Hide Shopify store from Google without password

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Hello! Is there a way to hide the complete shop from Google without using the "Password protection" feature in Shopify? I want to send potential customers that contact me via mail to a special shop that should not be found via Google to avoid confusion. But I dont want them to enter a password. I currently only use the "....myshopify.com" domain which is not found by Google (yet).





You need to remove the site from Google SERP index database and block the site from all search engine via robots. But also note starting from September 1, 2019, GoogleBot no longer obey a Robots.txt directive related to indexing.
So here is the way to follow. 
• Noindex in robots meta tags
• 404 and 410 HTTP status codes
• Password protection
• Disallow in robots.txt
• Search Console Remove URL tool
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