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Hi there,


I'd really like some help with a website I've been working on.

  • I want to hide two buy buttons (ADD TO CART & BUY IT NOW) that are by default shown on the product page, unless two conditions are met:

1.       The user must be logged in, and

2.       The user account must have an active Membership Subscription. (ActiveMember tag)

  • If these conditions are met, show the product page normally with no changes
  • If the user is not logged in, then show a text message and LOGIN TO BUY button, that links to the login page
  • If user is logged in but the profile has no ActiveMember, then show a different text message and JOIN CLUB TO BUY button that links


Basically, I would want to know how I will Show and Hide these buttons if the conditions are met, without needing to download or add an App that is going to cost me money.