Hide out-of-stock product variants in Warehouse theme

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Hi there,


I was wondering if there's a possibility to hide product variants automatically from the product page when they are out-of-stock and for them to return once they are back in stock again ? I found a solution for the Debut theme, but I'm using the Warehouse theme since today and I can't seem to find it?


Thank you so much in advance!

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Hey, did you manage to find a solution?

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Thank you for being patient, I didn't see your message until now.

Unfortunately, I did not find a solution. I did contact the designers of the Warehouse theme, they are called Maestrooo. After some back and forth they said that this isn't something they want to change/add. See our conversations below for more information.

Maestrooo said:

As of today the theme does not support this feature. I however recommend you to take advantage of sold out variants by using an app like Back In Stock (https://apps.shopify.com/back-in-stock). This app allows your customers to enter their email for sold out variants and be notified automatically when the variant is back in stock. This is a very good way to increase sales and much better option than simply hiding the choice (as it would simply prevent a potential customer to choose the variant he/she is interested in).

I responded with:

Despite your understandable explanation and expertise on the subject, I'm still hoping you'll consider making 'hiding out of stock products and variants' an option. So that one can either turn it on or off in the Shopify Theme Editor and make their own discission about this. Whatever the outcome may be.


Because if you have lots of out of stock products it's - in my opinion - not very tempting to buy something on that website.


Thanks again for creating this beautiful theme and also for your time. I hope you'll take this in consideration (if possible). Have a very nice day!

Then Maestrooo said this:

As for hiding, no, we will never do that, even through an option. The issue we would encounter by hiding is that it would lead to potentially available combination that would never be reachable. For instance, let's say you have three options (Color, Size and Material). If you are in a current variant where for instance the Silk material would be hidden (because there would be no product). To have access to the "Silk" material, you would need to select for instance the size "M". However, if the M size is also hidden, then this mean you cannot never reach the Silk variant because it would depend on a size that is hidden (and you would run into a case where an available variant would simply be completely unreachable).


This is not a tolerable thing for us (as a theme is generic and must work for every use case). I hope it clarifies, but thanks for your suggestion anyway !

If I do happen to find another solution I will let you know. Have a nice day!