Hide products but still being able to sell them

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Hello everyone,,

I'm selling some products in the free + shipping method

In my store I have the same items on retail price

I only want people to buy those F+S products when they have the direct link

If I hide them the checkout process ends with an out of stock error

if I make them visible people can see them in the catalog page or if in the results page if they search for a keyword that I use in the title of those products

does anyone know a way around this?

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Just some Idea's you could try:


Add them Via Buy Button Link.  Grab the direct link from there.  Do not put them on the online store.


The Downside though is that it will make a Separate Cart outside of your store, so they wont be able to add other items to the same order.


But the only way to sell it is to have it on the channel, which in turn would make them available to search.


With that said... in theory, a Developer could add something to auto remove it from the cart when added if the stock is below a certain quantity.  There are still ways around it that way but it _might_ fix the issue.

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Hi, @DoodleWood!


Ash here from the Shopify team. Welcome to the Shopify Community!


This is a great question. What you've stated in your post regarding product visibility is correct, but I have a couple potential solutions for you to consider.

One possible solution is to use an app like Locksmith or EasyLockdown. These applications are capable of locking down certain sections of your site, allowing you to choose exactly who has access. Using this method, you could create a collection of your free + shipping products, and apply a lock rule to it. You would then be able to give just certain customers access to that collection. Once they have access to the locked collection, they can purchase products from there as they normally would on your site. 


If an app is not the route you're looking to take, another solution would be creating draft orders for your customers who are eligible for free + shipping products. If you go with this method, you can discount the products to $0, and add shipping to the orders before sending them to your eligible customers. Once they receive the invoice, they can complete payment for the order, and it will become a regular order in your Orders tab in the admin. You can then fulfill the order as you normally would. 


Feel free to reply here and let me know what you think of these options. I'm happy to brainstorm some more ideas with you, and offer any assistance you need. 

Ash | Social Care @ Shopify 
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