Hiding sold out items/moving to bottom of page?

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Hi! I'm super new with this and trying to figure out how to hide the sold out items in my shop so I can do a new product update! 


Do I just delete each listing?? Or is there a way to at least move them to the bottom of the page, so my *in stock* items don't get lost?? Thanks in advance!

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Hello, to hide the sold out products you can use Automated collections.  You can add a condition, wich checks the product quantity if it's greater than 0. Then only products which are in stock will appear.


Hi @supkate,


If you're still looking for a solution, our app, Push Down & Hide Out of Stock, does exactly what you want!

You can move out of stock products to the bottom of the collection with our app. Also, if you don't re-stock a product, you can hide it automatically.

You can find more details on our app page.


We have a free plan, and if it is suitable for you, you can use it for free!

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at support@merchbees.com 


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