High bounce rate and no sales.

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hi, I launched my first shopify store almost three months ago and started to invest money on google ads. Within last 5 days, I got more than 400 visitors to my website without any order. I found with GA the bounce rate is more than 85%. I have no idea about this. I will appreciate anyone could help for this issue. You can have a look at the website (www.jollyfinch.com) Thanks.
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Hey there!

I'm sorry to hear about that. However, Google Ads is very difficult and confusing to use so I understand. Clever Google Ads can help with your confusion though. The app will help you with keyword bidding, ad optimization, and certified Premier Google Partner team will be there to answer any questions, and make sure you are not overpaying for ads that have a high bounce rate. The app is free to download and you can find it here

I hope this helps!