High traffic, But No Sales

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I think your website looks really nice!!! It's clean, clear and structured. 

I'm only launching my website so really want to know if you've got 1500+ viewers (visitors?), why are there no sales??? Hope you make your sales soon!!! All the best~ 

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Hi @Mcnally, this is Larry from the team at Spocket!


Driving conversion from traffic is something that comes with learning more about the advertising methods that you're using. Understanding how to market your store is a big part of driving sales. 

Here are a few suggestions on how to improve conversions from the traffic on your store:

  • Do you have Google Analytics installed? This will allow you to track what pages your visitors are visiting and help you see where they are leaving your site. 
  • One of my favourite websites is Fullstory, which lets you see a visitor’s session on your website. This is a helpful way to see where visitors get stuck or drop off.
  • Have you heard of the Spocket Academy? It offers courses tailored for dropshippers to help them understand marketing. Some classes even focus on converting your high traffic into sales! If you’re interested in taking a course to optimize your store, you can find the Spocket Academy here.
  • Spocket also has an official Facebook group where you can join over 45 000 entrepreneurs like yourself and ask for tips and pointers on growing your business!

Hope this helps!


Hi @mcnallyjordan,


How do you get traffic?


To analyze the problem, I suggest you:

  1. Review your traffic sources. Make sure the traffic acquired is closely related to your target audience.
  2. Analyze existing traffic: Where they land on, which page have the highest conversion rate, where they are from, etc


By understanding traffic sources and existing traffic, you'll know what the problem is and how to fix it.


Take a look at this article about how to use Google Analytics to understand customers. You'll learn more about what I say in detail.

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