Hiring Expert to audit for Page Speed and unusually high bounce rates

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I have the same ecommerce business for over 14 years.  I went from Yahoo store -> Prestashop -> finally Shopify last month.  Since moving to Shopify, I noticed that the site has much higher bounce rate than when it was on Prestashop.  The design of the store is virtually the same.  The traffic source has not changed.  Essentially everything stayed the same except for the platform migration.


Overall, after migrating to Shopify, I see:

  • Traffic - unchanged +/- 5%
  • Bounce rate - increased from 26% to 63%
  • Conversion rate - decreased 20%

One thing unusual is that the bounce rate is especially higher in product pages than say home or collection pages.  During the first few days, I even saw bounce rate of over 100% on some product pages.  This leads me to think something else is going on with GA scripts and events/pageview triggering issues.  But I could be paranoid here.


I am looking to hire an expert that can thoroughly comb thru my home/collection/product pages (not just use GT Metrix) and really look into what could be causing site performance issues.  I like to get this solved before going into Q4.


Please reply back or private message me if you are interested.




Hello David,

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Hi David 

I am experiencing exactly the same high bounce rate migration after migrating on Shopify from BigCommerce platform

Were you able to fix the problem? and how ?



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Yes.  My conversion rate is back to normal or better since moving to
shopify now.  But for the first few months, it was bad....really bad.  I
did find out it was due to Google Smart Shopping which was feeding me
very low quality traffic around the same time after my migration.  A lot
of the traffic was from google apps, mobile games, etc..  They would
just click and bounce.  I spent a lot money thinking it was speed
related but as it turns out, it was purely me relying on "smart"
shopping ads.  Good luck with your shopify store!
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Thanks for your email
The strange thing is that i don't have more visitor
I am not running any google ads at the moment
1)Your bad bounce rate was related only on google ads ?
2) How did you discover about google smart?
3)Any advice if I am not using google ads?
4)To speed up your site what have you done?
5)Regarding the size of your product pictures, are they smaller than 200kb?

Sorry to ask but this is driving me crazy
I am sure you know what I mean!!!...
Have a great evening and thanks in advance
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Hi Erica,

I totally understand.  I was going crazy too after the migration and
watching the high bounce rate and low conversion rate.  I came from
Prestashop.  But now, after a year into Shopify, I am convinced it is
better and my conversion rate is higher than ever before.  I don't have
anyone complaining about speed on my site either.  The only occasional
problem is that people are getting stuck with PayPal checkout.

1) Since 70% of my traffic was from google ads, yes it was highly driven
by poor quality traffic.

2) If you mean how I discovered it was from smart shopping, then I know
because in Google Analytics, I can isolate bounce rate for only google
smart shopping visitors.  I also went into Google Ads and made a report
that shows me where the traffic was coming from.  I discovered that
Smart shopping was serving ads in-app including games and other time
killing phone apps.  The cost per click would be very low but the bounce
rate was 90%!  I suspected that some apps would serve intrusive ads to
the user and in order for them to close the ad, they make user click on
the ad.  But of course, they would click and bounce so they can return
to the app.

3) Try to isolate the high bounce rate to see which segment of your
users are bouncing?  Mobile, desktop, tablet?  Check bounce rate based
on type of networks.  Is it possible your pages are slow and there is
higher bounce rate for mobile data users vs. cable users?  Run a Page
Speed test.  I know that it isn't really reflective on the actual
experience but it is just still a good reference point.  My page speed
is still not that great but the actual user experience is fine and I
don't expect it to be the main cause of problems anymore.

4) I hired multiple "experts" on shopify partner network, Storetasker,
and my own developer to run tests and make optimizations.  At the end,
it didn't really improve my page speed scores all that much.  And time
and time again, when I asked friendly users to check on the speed and
user experience, they said it was fine.  So I finally stopped being
obsessed with improving more for speed.

5) Not all of them are under 200kb.  But my theme uses lazy loading so I
don't think it matters that much.  High quality images sell.  So I
didn't want to sacrifice on that.  Also shopify converts images to webm
format so there are a lot of savings there already.

If you can, perhaps spend a few hundred dollars and hire an expert to
give you an assessment on whether speed is an issue.   I am no expert at
all but if you want, you can DM me your site address and I can tell you
my experience.


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