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So it's been already 20+ days since my funds are on hold.

I have talked with over 6 support different people on chat, and over 3 calls and i can't get this done.

They want me to pay my shopify store out of my pocket when they hold 150$ in their account and they won't pay me.

I have affiliates to pay and Shopify is just damaging my image and business.

I have sent wrong documents 30 days ago, understandable, but since then they won't let me send new documents, such as the billing/passport.

Today someone of support team just told me to go look for another Provider, so pretty much they told me that i will never get a hold of my hard earned 150$

Travis, who is the Risk team, is making fun of me by email, telling me that i have sent wrong documents over and over again, when it's been 25+ days since i'm not able to send new documents.

Think twice before using Shopify please, 150$ is a lot to me and they just sit on them like they have worked for it,