Horrendous live view

HATE is such a strong word. I absolutely HATE this version of live view. I have given myself months of trying to remain open minded and to get accustom the change. It still is HORRIBLE and pretty much useless.

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I just tried it. Not dots are showing and I had to refresh my google chrome three times and then three dots showed up. Pathetic!

The CTO clearly said that they won't be removing this version. So sad!

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yes, live view, like the new global perspective, has gone pear-shaped, just like the globe of the earth.

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It never shows where visitors are on the globe. Maybe 1 in 500 times it does. There can't be that many people using private browsing. 

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Its been about 8 months since the new live view was activated an its still as shit as the day it launched, please god change it back ffs...

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I am new to shopify and having the same issue.. it is not showing visitors up on the globe most of the time.  Hope they fix this soon.

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Any News on when this Live View issue will be fixed and why, in the interim, we can't just go back to the prior working 2D model?

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Looks like they finally listened - Today I now have the option on the Live View page for globe or map view.


Map view seems to work great and I have no idea why it took so long to happen....

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They must be slowly rolling it out.  I don't have that option yet.

Can you post a screenshot of it?



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Thank the lord!!!! Now, all we need is the states to be shown on hover so I can see where people are coming from. I see the USA is one big landmass with no state lines just yet. I am so glad they are finally doing this!!!!!