Horrendous live view

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Usually i dont complain about new stuff as its a learning process to get used to it but..

Now i dont have any reason at all to use the Live View?

IF the dots are working on the map i can barely see even when zooming in

Every stats i used to watch frenetic now demands side-scroll or hovering over with mouse.

Guess ill need to write my own live feed during black friday-week.

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I have to login and comment on this shit map.

Totally garbage. Shopify you have to give us back the original one.

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I wonder who shopify surveyed about this change?

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Hello shopify people! Are you reading all this feedback??? Please change it as the current update has no meaning and is not helping us in anyway. It is so frustrating whenever I look at live view. Its not giving me any data whatsoever so whats the point of having it? Please go and have a look at it and you will just keep rolling the globe and won't find anything! Hate hate it!

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They seem to have found time to add in a 'streamer' mode which blurs out sale metrics but makes them look like they are changing and going up...catering for the fake youtube Gurus over actual store owners....




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Totally agree with you. Please change it back to the original. Can’t understand why Shopify needs to keep changing the layout on the live view screen.

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The new version is a piece of SH*T - I don't give a damn about the team of fresh-faced developers who were given the Q4 objective of making a new live view in time for Black Friday...

It's rubbish! Turn it off! We all hate it!!! You totally messed this up. We don't give a rat's ass about your natural earth textures. 

We want simple, clearly visible data.

Get on with it.



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Totally agree - I came into the forums for exactly this reason as I don't normally venture here!  

It's horrendous, it has changed easily viewed information into as messy a set-up as possible, and like an earlier poster mentioned, it's clearly using a tonne of memory as it instantly makes my mac run hot and means I just close the tab, so not only is it messy and overly-convoluted to look at, it's also not an option to run for more than a minute, whereas it was a screen I would keep open most of the time while getting on with working previously.

I don't normally mind changes and new ways of working as after a while you get used to it, but this is a VERY bad option and has made a useful tool totally unusable for me.

If it doesn't get changed back or improved I will no longer be using.

PLEASE don't 'fix' things that aren't broken!!!

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I completely agree!  This is horrible!  I am glad to see I am not the only one who hates it.  Why would they roll this new live view out right before Black Friday and not allow us to switch back to the old one?  

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Hey everyone. 

Thanks for all your feedback on this. We merged a few topics together to keep the conversation in a single location. 

We have shared this feedback and thread with our product team! 

Thanks, Nick

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