Horrendous live view

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We're usually satisfied with Shopify's improvements and they seem to make sense, but not on this current occasion.

It really seems to fall under the "why to fix a wheel that is not broken" quote.

Leaving some of our first impressions:


Experience so far

The map does not make sense to be round for people working with the data from multiple countries - especially far from each other geographically. Previously you had everything in sight (whilst not even using the full-screen window), but now you have to navigate a full (and much more zoomed out view) of the world, which does take a lot of effort to get around.

The contrast of colors made much more sense previously as countries and visitors were very different from each other. Right now they get blended - and maybe it's just us, but the live view is not showing as many pinpoints of each customers. As we tend to focus very interactively on each of the cities (of the countries) we market to, that was very important data for us, since it showed very accurately, in which regions we were getting more traffic in real time. Currently, the customer interactions are seemingly coming up with a delay - when they're coming up at all, leaving us with no accurate live data to look at.

The columns for active carts, checking out and purchased made a much more decent overview of things previously. In addition, they also fitted into the whole screen with the map, at once.


While this may seem like it's a good jump from the innovative perspective, sometimes it's just better to keep things simple. As for holiday season, it would be appreciated if Shopify left an option to revert to the original view.


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I have used Chat from 2 of our sites to explain to the support team why this new Live View is not fit for purpose. Both agreed it was very poor and they would report back to the developers.

I also called the support team to discuss and to ask how we could switch back, this assistant tried to switch us back with no luck. Again this support member said they thought the new Live view was very poor and not interactive in the way we are used to. Not forgetting that is does not actually work properly with terrible graphics and the rest.

We want the Blue version back, not the horrible dark green, which is at best depressing to look at.

Lets get rid of this incredibly badly designed development.

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Just logged in to agree with everyone here. This love view is SHIT. 

Seriously, what the hell, Shopify?


There are so many things that could be improved instead (url structure anyone? Reporting? ), and yet they spend time and resources to change something that worked rather well in the first place.

Oh, sorry, they made it "PRETTY".

Take back those goddamn checkout dots and the unreadable 3d map and just give us old Live View back please. Ugh.

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It is terrible. I will start looking at other platforms who offer something similar to the old live and probably move there as I loved the old live view and without what’s the point of staying. 

Change it back or watch loads of businesses switch platform. 

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Agreed. Signed up for a community account just so i could post about this. 

Extremely over engineered I just need to see analytics don't need to be wow'd by some 3D globe

Also no longer shows live updates of where visitors are landing, what actions they're taking like it used to such as "person from texas visited the home page"

they should at least give you the option to choose between the two. 

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It´s just a disaster. We can’t see the live customers. Specially when we need it most

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I agree. The globe is so hard to see live visitors and sales.

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I agree with you!!! Bring back the Blue background not this dark green/gray horrific depressing color scheme. I have refused to use the new live feature since this unbelievably terrible update has taken place. I am super disappointed in Shopify for allowing something as terrible and in useful to all of us customers here that own our own business and sell products. A HUGE FAIL IN MY BOOK. STOP TRYING TO REINVENT THE WHEEL WHEN IT IS WORKING PERFECTLY FOR ALL OF US!!! SUPER FRUSTRATING ESPECIALLY DURING THE BLACK FRIDAY WEEKEND!!!!!

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100 percent agreed!!!! Shopify get rid of this garbage! Hire people who understand what we the consumer need and would make our business run more effectively and smoothly and not some kid who plays video games and is caught up in the 3D world.....AGAIN GET RID OF THIS GARBAGE!!!

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Shopify what is taking so long to fix this?  Black Friday is tomorrow and this is detrimental to how we can gauge customer activity during the busiest shopping weekend of the year.