Horrendous live view

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It's not even that the old one was fine already. Or that it's useless anyway since I would imagine most people just use google analytics. Or that it is hard to see any information on it if you are on a laptop. Or that the color scheme is low contrast and hard on the eyes. I don't care much about any of these things, because I don't use it, and most likely never will. 

The thing that bothers me the most is that there are legit bugs and limitations in Shopify that we have to bang our heads against every day, and instead of doing something useful such as, for example, fixing these issues, time was spent to develop this useless gimmick. 

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Putting my vote in for the previous version! The new one isn’t working and it’s hard to see what’s going on.

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Here to say I ALSO HATE IT!!!!


And I've noticed several times now that I will see that people are on my site but there are absolutely no pins anywhere on the globe. So I have no clue where people are visiting from as I'm watching it because it does not show it. Sometimes like right now, it shows 4 people visiting and I can see it. But then other times, like 10 minutes ago, it will say there are 2 people visiting but nothing shows up anywhere. 


I hate the 3D globe! You can change the view to either US or specific to a country, but it completely did away with being able to zoom in and tell you WHERE people are visiting from, which city, which state, which country. I'm pretty decent with geography but when it comes to the international view its really difficult for me to know where something is pinned at. 


I wonder if we can call customer service to give them this feedback to tell them that we don't like it and to give people the option to change the view back to how it was? If it ain't broke, don't change it! It was fine before!!! 



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signed up only to say that this is EPIC FAIL, please give us an option to switch to old live view, this hurt my eyes literally and after covid this is the next worst thing what happened this year

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a clueless and useless creative within Shopify.
The true creatives are those who, after creating something, try it ....
excuse my English

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Totally agree came on here for the same reason please change it back Shopify it’s really frustrating and.sadly not user friendly 

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The new live view.....sucks! Not only that it doesn't work. It really grinds my gears when companies change something that was working perfectly well beforehand. The new view is clunky and not needed. Why do I need a 3D view of the world when it's flat?

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I've literally just joined the community just to add my thoughts on this, I know I am echoing everyone else, but:

  • The Customer Behaviour peaks were much more helpful for people with smaller traffic, the dot things are no improvement on the previous design
  • The visitor dots on the globe are impossible to see
  • Countries are no longer named on hover - we are not all geography wizards
  • Deciphering between land and sea is near impossible
  • Having to spin the globe to find out where visitors are is horrible, and must be some sort of sick joke (this is the absolute worst part about it by far)
  • Stating "Made with Natural Earth; textures from Visible Earth NASA" is not going to win us round, it's still disgusting

There are few times I would advocate for flat earth, but this is one of them! The old one was perfectly good. Easy to read, visually and figuratively. 

I've been with Shopify for coming up to 4 years, this is the absolute worst change I have seen in this time. Horrendous is the correct term for it.

Please, for the love of anything... change it back.

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The new live view is the literal worst for all the same reasons everyone has already commented. (I couldn't hate the globe, colors, load/lag time, and lack of real info any more.)

But hey...good news: there's an easy fix, Shopify. Revert back to the old one.

That one was great. Nice to log in and watch what's going on in my shop live for a few minutes without having to go over to Analytics. Can't do that at all with the new live view. Just scrap it folks. You win some, you lose some. And this one needs to get lost ASAP.

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Please get rid of this update, it is horrendous and not fit for purpose. Appauling graphics, no country names, no notifications of who and were a customer visited the site is from. No moving graph for new baskets, carts and check out. Live customers do not show on the globe, the globe is very slow to load. I could go on but whats the point, please get rid of the globe and restore the graphs.

The impression I am getting is that this new live view is an excercise by shopify to reduce bandwith demands and not really focused on the merchants.