Horrendous live view

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Shopify saying this below is appalling! This is not an instance of change takes getting used to! It is that the changes you made are not helpful! AGAIN we ask you to please let us toggle between the two versions.

OR bring back the states and country names (again as another user said previously we are not all Geography wizards) and please make the map dots equal to what the numbers say. Among other things, we have asked for back, please! 

"I know that change is not always easy, but rest assured it's all for the best and might just take a little getting used to."


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Well....times up Shopify....I am now sending this to the press along with the threads on reddit where they are getting bashed for this piss poor change that their entire customer base is upset about. We're pissed. You ignored us. I hope you hear us now...

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"I know that change is not always easy, but rest assured it's all for the best and might just take a little getting used to."


That reply is absolutely bananas. It would be one thing if the functionality actually worked, but I have had active visitors almost every time I've looked at my store over the last 5 days, and not once have I seen a pin where the traffic was coming from. It should be easy to see, as a single click causes a complete revolution of the globe.

This seems like a major problem for a lot of people.

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I agree with others here. This new view is NOT good. I prefer the older version. Gave great visual feedback of where people are located. Lit up with what people looked at. 
very little navigation required. 
PLEASE bring back the old view. 
This is NOT a matter of getting use too!

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I’ve been with Shopify not quite a year and I’m really struggling with the new live view. I see a TON of complaints but I can’t seem to get help how to fix it. Does anyone know how in the world we actually SEE our live visitors? I really really utilized (and loved) live view to see how and where our customers responded from our emails, fb lives, affiliates sharing our products, etc. Now the busiest month of the year and I can’t see a darn thing except where we are on the map. Am I doing something wrong? Is anyone able to see their customers? We have hundreds of sales a week so it’s not that we don’t have people on our site. This is extremely frustrating as a busy owner who doesn’t have time to learn new things the week of Black Friday. 🤦‍ Can anyone steer me in the right direction? When I type in live view in the help area I see hundreds of complaints but no fixes. Is Shopify fixing the problems or is it us? TYVM in advance for any help anyone can give me. 

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Agree. Unfortunately it doesn't show where the visitors are, it only ever shows where my store is located - not needed at all

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Shopify is holding a webinar on 12/7 to explain how they built this beast. They seem pretty proud of it.


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Looks like they'll be taking questions, suffice to say I've signed up.....

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This is a free Webinar and they are taking questions...  If we want our voices heard we should all be in on this webinar.  We have experienced the old and the new first hand, and we are the best judges of their "new globe", that they appear to be so proud of for whatever reason!!   They are not listening here!! So I would suggest that everyone that has made a comment here attend this webinar and make your voices heard loud and clear;  plaster them with all the questions we need answers for.  It just might make them really think about this.  Perhaps they will make the changes necessary to make this a God almighty good enough to brag about globe.  They can start by putting references on the globe so that when you hoover over the map it will display the name of the city, country etc.  A big globe with no references is of no use to anyone unless you are a world map wizard.....

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Signed up!