Horrendous live view

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By me writing this, I am NOT defending this update. I hate for all the same reasons...

That being said....For those of you who are saying you aren't seeing your visitors on the map, I have noticed that upon initial load of the page, it does not show the current visitors....but if you let it sit awhile, they start to show up on the map.....and what's really annoying is the marks between a visitor and a sale are impossible to decipher. You can see them in the legend in the upper left....and they are even more opaque on the map....so when you get a sale, it's a guessing game on which one actually was the sale vs a visitor.

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Wow just spent ages typing out flaws that I see in the view and linked to a site which pointed out how companies have to legally follow ADA accessability.

My post was removed lmao.

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This about the worst possible thing they could do to the live view. Bring back the old version. This new 3d garbage is completely unusable and nothing fits on my screen. What in God's name were you thinking when you released this half baked trash?

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AGREE!!  Whoever had this idea, should look for another profession! lol

It is just not a good version to keep up with what's going on in your store.

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It's so bad that at this point I no longer use live view. I simply stay at the main dashboard. Everything about live view is completely unusable and whoever came up with the idea should be fired immediately. How does such a huge multi-billion dollar company make this huge of a mis-step without there being someone who stood up and said, hey everyone this completely sucks and we are not doing it. I knew within 1 minute of using it that it was garbage and somehow it got past all of the QA that should have stopped such a terrible update from ever seeing the light of day

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Can someone who attends the session on Monday post a message with the highlights of the discussion of the live view, particularly the reaction of the developers. Thanks.
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I have to admit, I agree 100%. The new "live" view isn't live at all. I may see the message that I have live visitors, but the only "live" that shows on the map is where I am! 
Now, I didn't depend on that Live view for anything other than motivation and a little thrill, because I'm still relatively new and just starting to get traffic. I figured I'd be using it more when I have enough customers that I need to see where they are all coming from. But mostly for me, it was the fun part of checking my dashboard..the only thing more fun was getting sales. Why take the joy away? The new "earth" is ugly, ungainly and useless because it doesn't work. I really hope the decision makers on this pay attention and go back to the other live view. 

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I'm another member who has signed up to the community just to try and find an "opt-out" option for this horrible live view!! What I don't get, is that Shopify send so many emails about tips and tricks but they must of known this was a dud as they didn't even announce it to us!! Please Shopify, we don't care who made the decision to introduce this "improvement" but can we please have the old version of Live View back?? 

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I don't think Shopify are listening, it's been a week now and no improvement. New Live view is an epic fail!I!